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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Practical Cardiology 2nd Edition

Cardiology is one of the fastest changing medical specialties, and Practical Cardiology 2e is designed to help GPs, Fellowship trainees and medical students master this vital element of continuing medical education. This new edition retains the analytical and problem-based approach of the first, addressing
  • symptomatic problems such as chest pains and dyspnoea,
  • thorough history taking and examination techniques,
  • additional and extensive ECG interpretation, and
  • fully updated coverage of pharmacological management.
  • Supplementary CD of cardiac conditions and procedures including echocardiograms, cardiac catheters and angioplasties
  • Dedicated ECG interpretation chapter
  • Emphasis on evidence-based medicine and clinical trials
The accompanying CD contains MRI, echocardiographic and angiographic images of the heart to complement the still images and illustrations throughout the text. They illustrate important cardiac abnormalities and show how cardiac procedures such as angioplasty and atrial septal defect closure are performed. Important complications of interventional procedures are also demonstrated. The CD will assist clinicians and their patients to understand the various interventions.
English | ISBN: 0729538419 | 2008 | 405 pages | PDF | 84.2 Mb |2nd

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