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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Essential Neuroscience 3rd Edition

Essential Neuroscience provides a comprehensive study of the nervous system, from the internal structure of a neuron to the complex functions of the brain. Learn neuroscience through a stepwise approach that starts with the basic building blocks of neural anatomy and expands to cover structures and functions, the interaction of systems, and the science of clinical disorders. Gain an edge on board exams with frequently-tested information on cranial nerves, behavioral disorders, and vascular syndromes of the brainstem. A well-balanced mix of anatomy, biology, physiology, and chemistry provides an integrated understanding of topics. Each chapter contains clinical case studies, summary tables, and questions with detailed answers, providing multiple opportunities for self-testing and review. A comprehensive glossary in the back defines important key terms.

  • English | ISBN: 1469886626 | 2014 | 606 pages | PDF | 46 MB | 3rd


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